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Grillax.com was hosted on a slower web server. The average page load time was over 16 seconds! Grillax teamed up with Jackson Web Works to provide a faster solution.

After moving to our server vendor, the page load speed decreased to just under 4 seconds. Switching web servers was a 75% speed improvement!

"Okay, but what does that mean?"

Faster Server / Better Results
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Grillax Project
Jones Arch
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Jones Architecture Project
Wordpress Templates

Boston-based design firm Horne Visual Media tapped us on the shoulder to help them create a functional template.

Requirement: the client has to manage the site after deployment.

Solution: Wordpress, using a custom child theme.

“Okay, but what is a child theme? And what is Wordpress?”

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Jackson Web Works is a new web and graphic design company looking to enhance and grow the web presence of businesses in the Mississippi market.

But the only thing new about us is our name. Our crew of designers and developers at Jackson Web Works has been in this industry a long time. We just wanted to bust out of the daily grind, and fill a need in our community for solid, professional website design in the Jackson metro area and beyond.


Jackson Web Works has three main goals. We will improve the online image of our clients, and help them build a strong brand and interactive identity. Furthermore, we will accomplish this using cutting-edge responsive websites employing the latest results-driven technology. Finally, we won’t just push you onto the web and forget about you. We’re here to offer tried-and-true online marketing strategies, such as pay-per-click, remarketing, and social media campaigns. We want your business to grow, just like you do. And we know how to make it happen.


Functionality on any modern device.


We’ll work with what you have or create something entirely new.


With 21+ years’ experience, we live to make elegant websites that keep clients happy for years to come.


We offer ongoing support for most projects.

About Jackson Web Works

Jackson Web Works is a full-service web development shop. If you want it on the web, we can get you there. From setting up a domain to making your site easy to use on any machine with a screen, we’ve got you covered. We can help you with what to say, how to say it, and how to show it to the world. And after your project has launched, we’ll be there to keep you running smoothly. Drop us a line and let us make the web work for you.

Give us a call! ‪(769) 300-6150‬