Eight Reasons You Need a Responsive Website

What size screen do most of your customers use to view your website? Chances are it’s a small one.

Now that 64% of American adults are using smartphones on a daily basis, the days of just having a desktop website are over. But adding a stand-alone mobile site isn’t the best answer for marketers either.

What today’s Internet users respond to best is a responsive website – one that automatically adjusts your content to whatever screen size a viewer is using: tablet, phone, laptop or desktop.

Jackson Web Works recommends using a responsive website because it is:

#1 Easier for you to manage

Just one website with a single URL. No need to manage separate desktop and mobile versions.

#2 Easier for your customers to find you

One web address is all your readers need to remember, whether they access you on their phones or desktops.

#3 What Google prefers

In April 2015 Google added ‘mobile friendliness’ as a ranking signal for website searches. Responsive websites are now favored and considered an Industry Best Practice.

#4 Beneficial for your SEO efforts

All your traffic comes to one single website, requiring just one SEO campaign.

#5 Easier for visitors to use

No more scrolling and resizing in order to comfortably read your website. Your flexible text, images and layouts automatically adjust to the screen space the visitor is using.

#6 Less costly; less overhead for you

It’s a lot cheaper to maintain just one website with one URL address. No need setting up rules to redirect mobile users to another block of code or to a different server or “mobile” service.

#7 Works well with every device

Smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops and even Smart TVs: your site is easy to read no matter how your readers come to you.

#8 Easier for users to share

User interaction with your site is vital to your Google ranking. With a responsive website, it’s simple for visitors to link to and share your content with their friends.

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